Power Washing Bench

Water Blasting


Water Blasting is a great solution to many of the hard to do jobs and is best done using powerful equipment which has the ability to really lift the dirt and be cost and time efficient.

Roofs, drives, paths,concrete, tarmac, bricks, pavers and many more surfaces including fences and walls can all be made to look great.

It can be a dirty messy job and it is most important to finish of well with very thorough washing off and rinsing.

At The Sparkle Guys we have the right equipment to cut through the dirt.

Decks can be water blasted,  however if a deck has not yet been treated to a water blasting i would not recommend it as the surface can be damaged permanently,  if that is the case we have the solution with a Chemical Restoration of the Deck which always surprises client with the finished quality.