Spiders & Cobwebs


Generally spiders love the dark corners of your house where it is dry and warm but of course they were meant to live in the wilds cold and damp i guess.

We have a solution which is best applied by us after the house has been washed and while we are window cleaning inside.

Starting at the beginning on cedar houses and any house with bare wood it is most important to dry brush the cobwebs away first once wet they run the risk of never coming off problem solved.

Following a house wash is a great time to deal with spiders as most will be killed or blown off the house, we then seal off the bottom of the house about 30 mm up of the house the purpose of this is to stop new spiders crawling back onto the house.

I have seen cockroaches and whetas keeled over so do know that it deals with them also.

For some time we have been spraying the internal edges of windows and doors and this has proven to be very sucsesfull not only that the spiders living in the hollow window frame are dealt with but spiders cannot cross over into your house and no white tails which are not welcome for you or baby.