Mould & Moss


Moss Kill is a great product and applied professionally it works without fail, we warrant the application of Moss Kill.

The important point to understand is that moss kill has a live ingredient which is activated by rain, you will then understand that it is not ideal to apply Moss Kill in areas that are covered.

This product carries on working for nine months, quite quickly the molds a dealt with and as time passes the area will become clean.

Moss Kill can be applied as maintenance to Roofs concrete paths and driveways fences canvas goods caravans really anywhere mold forms.

The advantage of using our service to apply Moss Kill is two fold we get the correct solution mixed this confidence allows us to warrant the product and secondly we apply the product through a chemical applicator nozzle under pressure this allows for saturation and penetration.

All up a great product if you have time to allow it to work, no time, then water blasting is the other way to have instant gratification.