House Washing

The Sparkle Guys have developed their house washing over the past 10 years and have mastered the super-soft wash. This technique is important to protect the surface being washed, to severe and damage can happen or the ingress of water which cannot be seen can occur.

We now use very specific equipment, and believe that it is unique to our business, we look at what other countries are using and if we feel that would improve the quality of our work we incorporate it, hence the Super Soft Wash.

In addition to this equipment we achieve greater safety which is of the up most importance so as not to damage your house and to reduce personal accidents.

Finally the above is of no value without a great house wash solution this is to soften the grime enabling the water to wash it away effortly, we feel we have got the correct recipe which we adjust according to how grimy the house is and the period of time since the last wash.

At the Sparkle Guys we would not over emphasize the period between house washing and believe once every 18 months is fine, there maybe reasons why more often is needed due to location and other reasons such as local building work.